We grow alongside our clients

We offer high-quality and well-organised work, dozens of years of experience, non-standard solutions, the necessary dose of empathy and an attractive added value, Ing. Jiří Hondl

Philosophy of HONDL GLOBAL SERVICES, a.s.


We simply enjoy pushing work boundaries. That is why in 2017 we stood at the formation of CEJS, a multinational consortium that can easily take care of international giants anywhere in Central Europe to the full extent of our products.

Above-standard standard

Services, initially offered as above-standard, are gradually becoming routine standard even if they are still offered at extra charge by our competitors. A typical example is an immediate dispatch of our employee or professional servicing as required by the client. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All our employees are actively involved in the relevant processes (at the level of company owners whenever required) and they share a common goal of handling a situation promptly and effectively.

Cost reduction

We are constantly looking for ways how to offer our services in the most effective manner, at the highest quality and the best prices. The result of our search is the provision of 24/7 full service. The client definitely saves by purchasing comprehensive services with such savings reaching up to tens of percent

We take care of personnel and machinery

We take over our clients' unpleasant worries and duties associated with their personnel agenda. They no longer have to worry about cleaning machines which includes their purchase, maintenance, repairs and compliance with regulations governing the safety of the work performed. They no longer have to monitor the stock of detergents, their storage, release and the actual consumption of materials. We take care of everything for them as necessary.

Hondl Global Services a.s.
Hondl Global Services a.s.


We have been specialising in cleaning since 1998, as a joint-stock company then since 2009, and our services are used by hundreds of clients of various sizes every year. With us, you can be certain that your facility will be taken care of well, too.

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