Facility energy management

Most customers deal with the high complexity of technical equipment in buildings, disconnected management positions, lack of interconnection, lack of operator expertise, human manual re-adjustment, external influences, energy prices.

We offer comprehensive technology integration solutions, aggregation of processes and management positions, which results in significant savings.

We provide permanent measuring and optimisation through backward management of all positions as a whole. This aims to set up effective energy consumption management, optimisation of operation according to energy sources, conditions and status of the sensor network and the relevant needs.

We supply our customers with a multi-functional platform that integrates technologies and aggregates processes and management positions with a view to optimise energy consumption, maximise effectiveness and minimise cost.

We focus on:

  • Real-time measuring, analysis, prediction and notification
  • Management, optimisation and automation of the operation of appliances, energy flow
  • Effectiveness and savings

The energy platform intended for the office building(s) offers:

  • Monitoring and management of all energy consumption
  • Temperature management – heating, recovery, AC and other technical equipment control
  • Control of lighting, shadowing technology
  • Data analysis, prediction, prevention
  • Easy user-friendly control and facility management
  • Secure access via web, mobile phone, tablet

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Hondl Global Services a.s.


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