Sanitary services

Cleaning services are closely related to the optional addition of comprehensive sanitary services, i.e. sale, delivery, replenishment and consulting. These services can be divided into several areas, in which we offer a wide range of high-quality and functional products that are not harmful to health, are safe and affordable.

  • comprehensive range of personal hygiene products
  • cleaning technology
  • cleaning chemicals and disinfectants
  • high-resistance carpets and rugs
  • disposable work tools
  • consulting activities

We use cleaning agents of reputable brands. We use a wide range of verified suppliers. All of our agents are approved and certified, allowing us to provide services at the highest level. Already at the signing of a contract, we provide our clients with product sheets of the agents used and their properties in the form of an amendment. Every employee is regularly trained to ensure that they know all properties, ingredients, pH values and methods of use of the individual agents in practice.

We reliably create a sanitary programme proposal for your work environment. Upon the examination of the specificities of the relevant item and customer needs, our specialised technicians select the specific suitable agents. A customised sanitary programme is essential to maintaining a sanitary standard, so-called work hygiene and occupational health. The use of the best products available in the market gives you a guarantee of cleanliness.

Hondl Global Services a.s.
Hondl Global Services a.s.


We have been specialising in cleaning since 1998, as a joint-stock company then since 2009, and our services are used by hundreds of clients of various sizes every year. With us, you can be certain that your facility will be taken care of well, too.

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