Growing Together with Clients

We offer our clients quality and well-organized work, decades of experience, unconventional solutions, a good dose of empathy, and interesting added value.

Philosophy of HGS, Inc.

We simply enjoy pushing the boundaries of what is possible. That's why in 2017, we played a role in the creation of the multinational consortium CEJS, which effortlessly takes care of international giants across Central Europe, providing services and much more. The main objective of CEJS Group, a.s. is to meet the demands of multinational customers, maintain the high quality of services provided and satisfy employees by creating a friendly and safe working environment.

Above-and-Beyond Standard

Services originally offered as above-and-beyond are gradually becoming the norm for us, even though other companies still charge extra for them. A typical example is the immediate response of our staff or specialized services when needed by the client. We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All our employees actively participate in these processes (if necessary, even at the ownership level), and their common goal is to resolve the situation quickly and efficiently.

Comprehensive cleaning service

Cost Reduction

We constantly seek ways to offer our services as efficiently, qualitatively, and cost-effectively as possible. The result of this search is the provision of full service in a 24/7 mode. By subscribing to comprehensive services, clients undoubtedly save up to tens of percent of costs.

Caring for Personnel and Equipment

With us, clients also get rid of unpleasant concerns and obligations related to the personnel agenda of their employees. They are relieved of the care of cleaning machines, including purchasing, maintenance, repairs, and compliance with safety regulations during operations. They don't even have to monitor the status of cleaning supplies, their storage, distribution, and actual material consumption. We take care of everything they need.

Comprehensive cleaning service