Puraqleen technology cleaning

Window and glass cleaning professionals have known and highly valued the PURAQLEEN system for many years. This original product received the European Innovation Award in 2005.

This technology allows us to offer highly effective cleaning of outdoor facades, building sheating, windows and glass, photovoltaic panels and roofs using demineralised water with excellent cleaning properties thanks to its physical characteristics. On the surface, the water mixes with impurities that are then rinsed off. Even resistant soiling such as bird excrements is removed. Demineralised water has an excellent wetting ability. It dries without leaving any smudges or spots, not even when in direct sun. No additional cleaning using squeegees or other instruments (that are usually used during conventional cleaning) is required.

Cleaning using demineralised water is absolutely safe, no chemical (aggressive) detergents are used. The cleaned surfaces are not damaged. Only greasy and oil stains or other specific impurities require pre-cleaning using detergents.

Main advantages of cleaning using the Puraqleen technology:

  • allows outdoor space washing at heights and normal level
  • water ionisation based
  • offers great flexibility, easy operation
  • the system reaches up to 20 m from the ground
  • optimal solution for hard-to-reach areas
  • undemanding in terms of operation (1-2 people)
  • reasonable operating cost
  • detergents are used only rarely – clean water is usually sufficient
  • the system is independent of electricity source, equipped with rechargeable batteries, and where necessary, it is independent of a water connection (a portable barrel is sufficient)

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