Temporary help services

Everyone, who does business or works in a management position, knows that quality staff is the key to success in every field. personál.

Modern method

The modern Temporary Help personnel management method offers temporary assistance for a transitional period, e.g. to handle a large contract, seasonal work, to cover for employees on leave of absence or on sick leave.

This employment method saves you time, personnel expenses and allows you to flexibly handle fluctuations in staffing demands.

Our goal is to provide high-quality and professionally qualified staff, trained help and occasional work assistance. Our employees are professionals who have all the skills and abilities in the HR sector. Our trained recruiters look for the best candidates with respect to the knowledge of the psychology of the relevant workplace, as well as the competences and professional requirements for the required position.

Our Temporary Help service will provide you with staff for:

  • manual work and assistance
  • regular and one-time work

We focus on the following job positions:

  • warehouse and handling staff in logistics and distribution centres
  • handling and auxiliary staff, stocking, retail cashier
  • operators, warehouse, production and assembly personnel in manufacturing
  • receptionists, maids in the hotel industry
  • waiters, cooks in gastronomy


We have been specialising in cleaning since 1998, as a joint-stock company then since 2009, and our services are used by hundreds of clients of various sizes every year. With us, you can be certain that your facility will be taken care of well, too.

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