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Palladium Shopping Centre

Palladium Shopping Centre

Palladium is a modern shopping centre with the widest range of stores, restaurants and services in the heart of the historical parts of Prague. PALLADIUM is a multi-functional complex and a shopping centre located in Nové Město in the centre of Prague on the east side of Náměstí Republiky at the corner of the Na Poříčí street across from Kotva, the Old Town shopping centre. It opened on 25 October 2007. It is the result of a partial demolition and re-building of the Jiřího z Poděbrad barracks (originally Josef Barracks) and the construction of a new building. It is an 11-storey building (five storeys above ground, six in the original and extensively rebuilt facility). In addition to commercial space, Palladium also houses an amusement centre and there are offices on the top three floors. The total area of the Palladium Shopping Centre is 115,000 m2 and in addition to about 19,500 m2 of office space with large terraces with a view of Prague there are five storeys of the shopping centre with more than 180 stores, restaurants and services.

Palladium Shopping Centre
Palladium Shopping Centre
Palladium Shopping Centre
Palladium Shopping Centre


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